Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well... Today is the 1st of November. Did I meet my painting quota for this month?


I was able to almost finish up the 2 units of dwarves yesterday. I just need to add a few more sections of static grass to some of the bases and I need to spray them with protective coat and they'll finally be comeplete. In all reality I'm still pretty happy with the way that everything's turned out. My 2 units will be the first 2 units that I've finished painting in about 6 or 7 years. I'll take some pictures once the unit has been completed and post them up.

I also began some work on my Warmachine models.

I'd originally bought the Gorten mercenary box when it came out. Everything was primed years ago but I wanted to do something different with the bases so I stripped everything a few days ago and rebased everything.

(Gorten... The first Warachine model that I painted)

Gorten was the first Warmachine model that I painted years ago. He's actually a pretty good paintjob but his base isn't matching the new stuff so he's currently sitting in a tub to be stripped. 


I have assembled the Driller and I've left the arms and front body piece off for ease of painting.

(3 Gunners)

I've assembled the 3 gunners but I've left the guns off for right now.

It's hard to believe how many models originally came in the first boxed set. I'm going to attach Gorten to his new base within the next few days and prime everything so that I can begin the paint job on my new Rhulic Army.

I am also going to finish up the 2 Dwarf machine units for my fantasy army. That's about 7 models and 2 war machines for the lot. This puts me a bit behind this month but with the newly agreed 2 month painting period I think that I'll be just fine!

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