Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Orky Goodness

I said in a post a while back that I was able to gather up some Orks from another hobbyist that didn't want them anymore and that I would add pictures and a list of what I was able to get.

(A portion of what there is) 

 (6 bikers that will be used as Nob Bikers)

I'm pretty happy with the bikers squad. I've heard great things about Nob Bikers and look forward to trying them out.

(30 OOP Gretchin) 

OOP gretchin. I'm not super wxcited but hey! The guy threw them in free on the deal and they're a bit nostalgic. I can't complain!

 (Kommandos squad with Snikrot)

I love the Kommado models but I don't like the cost so I am very happy with these and an added bonus of the Snikrot model!

(10 Finecast Stormboyz with Finecast Zagstruck) 

I don't know if I'd ever field these because I'm not a huge fan of the models but the price was right and for right now they would bring my army points wise to where it needs to be.

(Big Mek) 

I'm sad that I have this model and I'm happy at the same time. See, I ordered this in Finecast at my FLGS and it's been there but I haven't had the money lately to get it since the Orks have taken the backseat and now that I already own it I don't need another but I feel obligated to get the other model anyway. But really I'm sure that 2 in an army is a good thing too if I ever want to field both Meks,

I can always find a use for a CHEAP points transport!

(6 Killa Kans!!!) 

To say that I'm excited about 6 Killa Kans is an understatement!

 (15 Burna Boyz)

I'd really prefer to have Lootas but with the price on these guys I couldn't pass them up! I'm sure that they'll find a place in my army somewhere!

(2 Looted Wagons and 11 Deff Koptas)

The 2 looted wagons and 11 Deff Koptas were just thrown-ins and I doubt that I'd ever use all of this but it's nice to have the models in case I do.

Not pictured is a Warboss from the AOBR set, Forgeworld Grot Bomb and a Forgeworld Ork Warboss Head. 

I added all of these models up with no upgrades and I put it at a little shy of 1500 points. List wise legally I can't field all of the fast attack models since I now have 17 Deffkoptas and a unit of Stomboyz but I could probably fiield a 2500 point army easily.

I received all of these models for what was left of my birthday money (80 dollars) and what I had Space Marine wise (which was probably about 100 dollars worth). Moneywise I was able to double what I had and modelwise I probably quadrupled what I had in Space Marine models.

With my already growing horde that I've been accumilating I can add 2 full units of slugga boyz, a full unit of Gretchin, a full unit of Nobz on foot with upgardes and 3 Warbosses. I also still need to look through everything that I have boxed away and the old OOP metal models that I have.

I'm super happy with everything that unfolded and I took a huge step in filling out my Ork horde and in the long run a spent very little to get what I did! There's definitely a few odds and ends that I could use to add or fill out squads but I now have my Ork army!

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