Monday, November 21, 2011

So close to 500

I've been REALLY sick the past week and a half and while this hasn't hindered my painting it has hindered my gaming time since I haven't been wanting to get out to my local FLGS.

So, the only real news is that the warmachines have taken longer than expected but I finally have the crews completed!

 (7 crew complete)

 (3 crew w/ Bolt Thrower)

(4 crew w/ Bolt Thrower)
Sorry about the poor lighting on the pictures.

Once I finish the 2 Bolt Throwers (which won't take long) I'll finally be finished my first 500 points worth of Dwarf models!!! I've based my next 250 points and I've primered them so that I can start on them right away when I finish up my first 500 point chunk. If you recall  my next 250 points will be a unit of Slayers and another 10 Dwarf Warriors w/ shields to fill up my Warrior unit.

I'm hoping that with the 4 day weekend coming up that I can get some headway.

BUT... I also have to plan for one of these night to bottle my beer. It's been a month since it's been brewed and it's about time to bottle it up so that it'll be ready for Christmas time.

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