Monday, August 29, 2011

The Power Escapes Me

It's now Monday... 2 days after Hurricane Irene came crashing through the Eastern seaboard... I still don't have power at home. I am updating the blog at work (SHHH don't tell my boss) so it won't be as long as I'd like.

So, my first purchase to go with my Assault on Black Reach box is a unit for my Imperial Fists army so that I can at least field a legal army with them.

(Scouts W/ Sniper Rifles)

I went and purchased a box of Scouts with Sniper Rifles from my FLGS. As I was going through my Bitz box a while back I found a unit of Scouts that I'd originally bought way back when. So from those I will be using a scout with a heavy bolter instead of the missile launcher armed scout that comes in this box.


Scout Squad
- Sergeant w/ sniper rifle, teleport homer
- 3 Scouts with sniper rifles
- 1 Scout with heavy bolter

100 Points

This puts the Imperial fist army at 705 points. Not too bad for a small little playable army. If I could round it out to 1000 points in the next few months then that'd be great!

That also puts me at $125 total spent on this not including what was already purchased.

I've begun to assemble the models from the AOBR box. I plan to do some custom bases and a few pics of those will be coming soon.

Time to get back to work!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

With Hurricane Irene fast approaching it's been all prep work to prepare for her arrival. Hopefully by this time tomorrow the storm has passed with no major problems...

If I still have power tomorrow then I will post an update of my latest purchase and the direction that i'm taking with the Imperial Fists and the 40K Orks.

Hopefull I'll see you tomorrow!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Assault On Black Reach Goodness

Good Monday morning!!!

So, it's Monday morning. I went through everything that came in the Assault On Black Reach box last night and I've been working out what I have points wise.

Here's a rundown of the Ork Army list that includes all of the AOBR models...

- Warboss w/ Power Klaw, Attack Squig, 'Eavy Armour
105 points

- Boyz Squad #1 -
8 Boyz w/ Slugga, Choppa
1 Boy w/ Big Shoota
1 Nob w/ Boss Pole
80 points

- Boyz Squad #1 -
8 Boyz w/ Slugga, Choppa
1 Boy w/ Big Shoota
1 Nob w/ Boss Pole
80 points

Nobz Squad - 5 Nobz w/ Slugga, Choppa
100 points

Deff Koptas Squad - 3 Koptas w/ Twin Linked Rokkit Launchers
135 points

So, All of this equals exactly 500 points. The only exception is that I need a Squig Attack model for my Warboss. Not a bad list and it is a legal list. I'll need to bulk out some of the squads and decide what I'm going to do with the Nob squad. The models are actually an extremely good start to an Ork army.

Now on to the Space Marine list...

Space Marine Captain w/ Power Sword, Boltgun, Artificer Armour
130 points

Tactical Squad w/
1 Sergeant w/ Chainsword, Bolt Pistol
1 w/ Missile Launcher
1 w/ Flamer
7 w/ Boltguns
170 points

Dreadnought w/ Multi Melta, Storm Bolter
105 points

Terminator Squad w/
1 Sergeant w/ Storm Bolter, Power Sword
4 w/ Storm Bolter, Power Fist
200 points

This list equals 605 points and with what comes in the box you can't even make a legal game list. Geez...

Rant of the day = Why make a starter box with 2 different armies when one of the armies technically isn't legal to play with.

Okay, so I can see where I need to go with this army and first thing to do is to purchase another troop for this army. Maybe some Scouts. That would be a cheap addition to this list and would make them playable. I could also go through what I already own and see if there's anything usable.

While looking through and organizing my bitz the other day... I came across this little guy. I knew that I would be able to use him with no problem in my Ork Army.

(My Warboss's new Attack Squig!)

As you can see I've basecoated him and Have begun a paint job so that I finally have something on my table that I'm working on. I'm trying out some custom bases for my armies and I'll post some photos of what I'm thinking within the next few days. I'm going to begin assembling the models and adding a few basecoats and I'll add some posts with my progress.

Friday, August 19, 2011

What to do?

I hadn't originally planned to post this weekend but the wife took the kiddos out of town for the weekend for "girl time" and she won't be back till Sunday evening. So, I got bored and I thought that I'd spend some time organizing things.

I started by re-vamping my work / painting area and adding another shelf.

Then I got even more bored... I have a lot of old bitz from when I used to play that I just never seemed to get rid of.

 (Another hobby of mine... Homebrewing my own beer)

I thought that I could spend some time going through the bitz and organize them. It's been on my list of things to do for a while.

I'd originally bought the red organizer years ago for my bitz but it somehow wound up in the shed with tools in it. Tools no more!!!

(It even fit inside the shelf perfectly so it was meant to be!) 

All of the bitz dumped into a LARGE pile for easy sorting.

Finished product...

Upon going through all of the bitz I had a few revelations...
1. I have too many bitz
2. When organized it doesn't actually look like that many (So, forget # 1)
3. I have a LOT of Battle Fleet Gothic bitz that I'll probably never use
4. I need to go through my Ork models that I'd saved because I may be able to convert a few models to make some Elite squads
5. My beer glass (I know it's not glass but my other nice beer glasses are in the dishwasher) is empty and I need a refill


I'm going to go through the Ork and Space Marine codex and see what came in the Assault on Black Reach box points wise and see where I'd like to go from there.

Good night (Or good morning depending on when you're reading this)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today's the Day!

Okay... Some back story

Years ago (when I was in highschool in 1999) I began playing GorkaMorka... That didn't last too long after I graduated highschool.

Fast-forward 3 years. I still had my orks in a box somehwere and I picked up a dark elf army for Warhammer Fantasy from my "then" girlfriend's brother. I then began playing Warhammer 40K and I was intense. I chose Necrons and collected them. After going through a few barely started armies I started Sisters of Battle. I did play a few fantasy games but it never caught my eye. I played every sunday and collected / painted constantly. I was happily playing in my own little world.

Maybe 2 years later I moved and began a small family so the hobby time fell short and the drive to the hobby shop where I played was way too far and my family obligations grew. Things came up and I woud sell off a chunk of my armies here and there.

After time I was left with a few models left in the attic covered in dust.

I always had a yearning to revisit my beloved hobby and gain back the feeling of victory and accomplishment.

Today restarts that passion! I went and grabbed everything that I had out of the attic! Organized everything into a corner in the basement. All of my paints (105 bottles of Citadel paints) were dried up and I have barely enough models for any legal armies.

A short list of some of the things that I can work with...

Warhammer Dwarf Battleforce (new)
Battle for Skull Pass Box ( new)
Maybe 20 models of Space marines ( primed )
Some very old style 40K Orks that I received in a trade long, long ago

So, where to go from here...

I went and bought a few paints and an Assault on Black Reach Box. I figure that with my older Orks and Space Marines models that I can at least have the beginnings of 2 small armies. I figure that I can pick up a Fantasy rulebook somewhere for cheap so that'll take some time.

Also, while searching around the local Train hobby store for a few supplies, I was surprised to hear that there was a new Wargaming / Hobby shop that opened up just a few miles from my home. YAY! Maybe I could find a few pick up games there.

So, today begins my journey back into the Wargaming hobby!!! And all on a budget!

My corner of the world (it's so bare)

Assault on Black Reach filled with all kinds of goodies!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Beginning Of The End

So, here we go...

My name is Cory. I've never really had the desire before to ever write my own blog.

BUT... Here we are...

I want this blog to serve as a place for me to set in stone my ideas and feelings about my life and my hobbies.

Years ago I played miniature wargames specifically Warhammer 40, Warhammer Fantasy and Warmachine... I am now a soon to be 30 year old husband and father to a great little boy and girl. I want to get back into the hobby on Wargaming but I have chosen the path of family man... With this choice comes certain circumstances. Mainly that I can't afford this hobby like I did year's ago!

So, this blog will mainly be about the 30 something working father and his struggles to maintain his Miniature Wargaming Hobby from the ground up.