Monday, August 29, 2011

The Power Escapes Me

It's now Monday... 2 days after Hurricane Irene came crashing through the Eastern seaboard... I still don't have power at home. I am updating the blog at work (SHHH don't tell my boss) so it won't be as long as I'd like.

So, my first purchase to go with my Assault on Black Reach box is a unit for my Imperial Fists army so that I can at least field a legal army with them.

(Scouts W/ Sniper Rifles)

I went and purchased a box of Scouts with Sniper Rifles from my FLGS. As I was going through my Bitz box a while back I found a unit of Scouts that I'd originally bought way back when. So from those I will be using a scout with a heavy bolter instead of the missile launcher armed scout that comes in this box.


Scout Squad
- Sergeant w/ sniper rifle, teleport homer
- 3 Scouts with sniper rifles
- 1 Scout with heavy bolter

100 Points

This puts the Imperial fist army at 705 points. Not too bad for a small little playable army. If I could round it out to 1000 points in the next few months then that'd be great!

That also puts me at $125 total spent on this not including what was already purchased.

I've begun to assemble the models from the AOBR box. I plan to do some custom bases and a few pics of those will be coming soon.

Time to get back to work!

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