Friday, August 19, 2011

What to do?

I hadn't originally planned to post this weekend but the wife took the kiddos out of town for the weekend for "girl time" and she won't be back till Sunday evening. So, I got bored and I thought that I'd spend some time organizing things.

I started by re-vamping my work / painting area and adding another shelf.

Then I got even more bored... I have a lot of old bitz from when I used to play that I just never seemed to get rid of.

 (Another hobby of mine... Homebrewing my own beer)

I thought that I could spend some time going through the bitz and organize them. It's been on my list of things to do for a while.

I'd originally bought the red organizer years ago for my bitz but it somehow wound up in the shed with tools in it. Tools no more!!!

(It even fit inside the shelf perfectly so it was meant to be!) 

All of the bitz dumped into a LARGE pile for easy sorting.

Finished product...

Upon going through all of the bitz I had a few revelations...
1. I have too many bitz
2. When organized it doesn't actually look like that many (So, forget # 1)
3. I have a LOT of Battle Fleet Gothic bitz that I'll probably never use
4. I need to go through my Ork models that I'd saved because I may be able to convert a few models to make some Elite squads
5. My beer glass (I know it's not glass but my other nice beer glasses are in the dishwasher) is empty and I need a refill


I'm going to go through the Ork and Space Marine codex and see what came in the Assault on Black Reach box points wise and see where I'd like to go from there.

Good night (Or good morning depending on when you're reading this)

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