Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today's the Day!

Okay... Some back story

Years ago (when I was in highschool in 1999) I began playing GorkaMorka... That didn't last too long after I graduated highschool.

Fast-forward 3 years. I still had my orks in a box somehwere and I picked up a dark elf army for Warhammer Fantasy from my "then" girlfriend's brother. I then began playing Warhammer 40K and I was intense. I chose Necrons and collected them. After going through a few barely started armies I started Sisters of Battle. I did play a few fantasy games but it never caught my eye. I played every sunday and collected / painted constantly. I was happily playing in my own little world.

Maybe 2 years later I moved and began a small family so the hobby time fell short and the drive to the hobby shop where I played was way too far and my family obligations grew. Things came up and I woud sell off a chunk of my armies here and there.

After time I was left with a few models left in the attic covered in dust.

I always had a yearning to revisit my beloved hobby and gain back the feeling of victory and accomplishment.

Today restarts that passion! I went and grabbed everything that I had out of the attic! Organized everything into a corner in the basement. All of my paints (105 bottles of Citadel paints) were dried up and I have barely enough models for any legal armies.

A short list of some of the things that I can work with...

Warhammer Dwarf Battleforce (new)
Battle for Skull Pass Box ( new)
Maybe 20 models of Space marines ( primed )
Some very old style 40K Orks that I received in a trade long, long ago

So, where to go from here...

I went and bought a few paints and an Assault on Black Reach Box. I figure that with my older Orks and Space Marines models that I can at least have the beginnings of 2 small armies. I figure that I can pick up a Fantasy rulebook somewhere for cheap so that'll take some time.

Also, while searching around the local Train hobby store for a few supplies, I was surprised to hear that there was a new Wargaming / Hobby shop that opened up just a few miles from my home. YAY! Maybe I could find a few pick up games there.

So, today begins my journey back into the Wargaming hobby!!! And all on a budget!

My corner of the world (it's so bare)

Assault on Black Reach filled with all kinds of goodies!

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