Monday, August 15, 2011

The Beginning Of The End

So, here we go...

My name is Cory. I've never really had the desire before to ever write my own blog.

BUT... Here we are...

I want this blog to serve as a place for me to set in stone my ideas and feelings about my life and my hobbies.

Years ago I played miniature wargames specifically Warhammer 40, Warhammer Fantasy and Warmachine... I am now a soon to be 30 year old husband and father to a great little boy and girl. I want to get back into the hobby on Wargaming but I have chosen the path of family man... With this choice comes certain circumstances. Mainly that I can't afford this hobby like I did year's ago!

So, this blog will mainly be about the 30 something working father and his struggles to maintain his Miniature Wargaming Hobby from the ground up.

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