Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday News Flash

So, I saw my brother yesterday and I dropped off some snow flock to him for his Dark Elves. He tells me that he was thinking that instead of painting up 250 points worth of models a month for our competition that maybe we could do 250 points every 2 months instead. I don't really mind this too much. I'll most likely still aim for the 250 a month but this gives me some leg room for other projects as well.



I went to a Warmachine demo day at my local FLGS last weekend and played a game and it was A LOT OF DAMN FUN!!! When Warmachine first came out I'd bought a few units and some other odds and ends and played a few games. All of my stuff I just threw into a box with everything else and put it into the attic.

I pulled everything out and took it with me to the demo day. Pretty much everything is still new in the box. I spoke with one of the gents that was helping run some demos and we talk about what I have and that I probably have 35 points or more worth of models. That makes me extremely happy because the only real purchase that I'll have to make will be the rulebook and the faction book. I think that's pretty damn good!

I have 1 battle group that's put together but I'm going to dunk them, remove the primer and rebase them. I have a plan for all of the bases and I think that everything will turn out looking great. I'll need to make a few other purchases just to get the group where I want it to be but they'll be half way small and I'll need to work them into the budget somehow. It's a good thing that I have more Fantasy Dwarves and 40K Orks than I know what to do with right now!

Orks you say? Yes!!! With my birthday money and a trade that involved all of my Space Marine models I have aqcuired q machine heavy force of Orks that added with many of the models that I already own should put in at about 2500 points worth of Orks. I am extremel happy with this and for spending very little I've rounded out my Orks.

I'll post some pictures soon of everything that I've acquired so far and I might list a few painting goals that I'd like to give myself to help me achieve a few personal goals involving each army.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Details Details Details

Work is coming along on my Dwarves. I'm afraid that I won't be able to meet my deadline though. I have 1 more week to finish up the unit of thunderers, Warriors and the two bolt throwers. I would be done if I didn't spend so much time on the details but you know what... I'm not worried about it. I'd much rather miss a painting deadline and have 2 really good looking units than to meet the deadline and have the whole 500 force painted up and looking like crap.

 (Unit of Warriors with shields and Unit of Thunderers)


(Warriors with Shields)

I should be able to finish up the two core units which once finished will be the first full unit of models that I've finished in about 8 years! This makes me extremely happy and I look forward to the day when I can say "Damn... I'm done with these units!"

In the next few days I'll put into words what I want to do with the next 250 points of this force. I also haven't even played a game yet. I've been going to my local FLGS but it's been no help at all. I will try to go on Sunday and see again if I can pick up a game.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Homebrew Session

I dabble in a lot of other hobbies and from time to time you will see glimpses into these mystical realms.

This is one of those times!

BACKSTORY... A few months ago sometime around June or July I was introduced by a few friends to the art of brewing one's own beer. With the state alcohol tax here in Maryland increasing to 9% recently and the fact that myself and my wife enjoy knocking back a few, I really liked the idea of brewing my own beer and being able to save a few dollars on good quality beer at the same time. I bought my first ingredient kit one weekend and went to my friends house where they helped me start up the process of brewing. Homebrewing is a lot harder than it sounds and is actually quite an easy process to accomplish. I have most of the tools to accomplish making my own beer and perhaps if I didn't have so many hobbies then I could afford to maximise my homebrewing experience... But hey! Where's the fun in that!!!

I was able to order a beer ingredient kit earlier in the week. I had a gift certificate from earlier in the year when I made my first purchase so ot was relatively inexpensive because I only had to pay for shipping. I ordered an easy to make kit that I plan to use as easy well made Christmas presents because I can't afford to buy the extravagant presents for everyone. Beer ingredient kits are nice because everything comes pre-measured and the directions are pretty easy to follow.

(Cologne Kolsch Kit Ingredients)

I chose a Colgne Kolsch Beer kit because of it's easy smooth drinkability. I hope that everyone enjoys this kit because most people will be getting a 6 pack for Christmas. 

(The Wort being prepared)

The Wort (pronounced "WERT") step is one of the most important steps. You steep (boil at 155 degrees) the grains for 30 minutes. This is done on a stove because it is easier to monitor tempatures. 

(Wort and Malt Extract at a rolling boil for 60 minutes)

Now add the Wort, 1st stage hops and the Malt Extract to 2 more gallons of water and set to a rolling boil for 60 minutes. 

(40 minutes left) 

(20 minutes left)

At about 5 minutes before the boiling time is up we add more hops to help with flavoring and aroma. 

(Ice Bath = STEAM!)

After the boil is complete the chemical reaction of taking the mixture and rapidly decreasing it's tempature will form the beginning of beer. You then add yeast that comes with the ingredieant kit to this mixture.

(It is very inportant that everything is very sanitary during these steps. There are some bacterias that will destroy your yeast and ruin your beer.)

Your beer is then added to a fermenter for a few weeks and then after that few weeks we will begin the bottling stage.

(Completed product begins fermentation in the basement away from light) 

Your batch should make 5 gallons (roughly 2 and a half cases) of mixture that should be ready to bottle in about 3 weeks.

(Yeast is bubbling like a champ)

A day later and the yeast is working it's magic. It is now eating away at the sugars within the mixture and producing gas (hence the bubbles). This chemical reaction is what turns sugar, hops, and grains into beer! In about 3 weeks we will start the bottling process and these beers should be ready right before christmas for my loved ones to enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Painting Frenzy

Here are some WIP photos on the Core troops


I know that's it hard to tell but the armor is done, the clothing is done, the skin needs one final highlight, leathers and beards and bases need to be painted and they'll be complete!


Same as with before. Almost complete.

I'd say that the core troops are about 70 % done. I don't know if I'll make the painting deadline especially with having to paint up 2 warmachines and crews. It may be a late Friday night for me painting as much as I can just to get ahead.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deal of a Lifetime!

So, I frequent a website that you can speak with other hobbyists and trade or barter for things that are no longer wanted or needed. Within the last few weeks I've scored BIG!!!

- I found a guy in the UK that sold me the complete Ork half of the 40K boxed set for 24 US dollars including shipping. That was a huge score and I am quite happy that I purchased that.

- I also found someone else in California that had that complete Dwarf half of the Battle for Skull Pass set. Since I have no yearnings to ever start an Orcs and Goblins army I still had my complete Night Goblin half. So, it was a straight up trade with each of us paying for our own shipping so $11.04 later and I am the new owner of MORE dwarves But what I was extremely happy about was that the terrain pieces were still there!!! I have plans for the old dwarf terrain pieces that you'll see next month.

I am extremely pleased with this turn of events and finds that I have added to my 40K Ork and Fantasy Dwarf armies!!!

So, that's about it for this month's hobby purchases although I still have some of my birthday money leftover that I've been saving for the right purchase.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


So... October 10th was my 30th birthday. My wife threw a surprise party for me on Saturday and I have to be honest... Not a whole lot has gotten done paintwise over the past week. BUT I have had a lot of things in the works. I was able to get some money from my birthday gifts and I've pooled together some resources and I was able to acquire a few things "on a BUDGET".

Pics and lists will come soon along with a few pictures with my work so far on my dwarves.

I was supposed to have my first battle with my younger brother on Saturday but since the surprise party took over the night I wasn't able to get in a game. I was disappointed but it probably worked out for the better since my brother is still assembling his models.

I have till the 31st (Halloween) to get the 500 points done. It can be done but I've got my work cut out for me. That's about 2 weeks to get the 500 point 29 models army finished up.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dwarf Beginnings

Work continues on my 500 point dwarf force. Here is the list so far...

Thane - 92
W/ shield, MRO Swiftness

Warriors - 115
10 Warrios
Full Com

Thunderers - 140
10 Thunderers

Bolt Thrower - 85
RO Penetrating

Bolt Thrower - 75
MRO Skewering

My plan is to shoot, shoot, shoot!!!

My brother and I have planned on committing to the Tale of Four Gamers with our armies but instead of 500 points a month we'll be painting up just 250 points per month and starting with a 500 points force. This gives us a lower points value that we can easily paint up and have ready for our games. He said that he'll be playing Dark Elves and he has already stated that his army is going to be highly mobile. I'm hoping that my massed firepower can easily overcome his units because I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO CATCH HIM ON FOOT!

(The force so far) 


(Warriors - 5 I painted a while ago and I'm going to use the same color scheme) 

(Thane - Painted years ago and I will be repainting him!)

I went to my local FLGS on Sunday with my 500 point Dwarf force expecting to get a few games in and hoping that I could learn some of the rules again and get a feel for the game. DAMN!!! I didn't know that the schedule of days had changed!!! The store has now decided to have dedicated nights for Fantasy and 40K. Now Sunday is no longer the catch all for Wargaming. But this great! Now I can go on a certain night and play my game of choice against oponents that are looking for the same game! This makes it so much easier and I am very happy about this!

I stayed for a few hours and I watched a game of Flames of War being played. I've never wanted to play a Flames of War game but I may have to start looking into it because I really like the ease of painting the models. But right now THEY ARE NOT IN THE BUDGET!!! Afew of the players there also play fantast so at least they know my face now and hopefully it will be easier to find oponents now.

Now to get back to painting!