Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deal of a Lifetime!

So, I frequent a website that you can speak with other hobbyists and trade or barter for things that are no longer wanted or needed. Within the last few weeks I've scored BIG!!!

- I found a guy in the UK that sold me the complete Ork half of the 40K boxed set for 24 US dollars including shipping. That was a huge score and I am quite happy that I purchased that.

- I also found someone else in California that had that complete Dwarf half of the Battle for Skull Pass set. Since I have no yearnings to ever start an Orcs and Goblins army I still had my complete Night Goblin half. So, it was a straight up trade with each of us paying for our own shipping so $11.04 later and I am the new owner of MORE dwarves But what I was extremely happy about was that the terrain pieces were still there!!! I have plans for the old dwarf terrain pieces that you'll see next month.

I am extremely pleased with this turn of events and finds that I have added to my 40K Ork and Fantasy Dwarf armies!!!

So, that's about it for this month's hobby purchases although I still have some of my birthday money leftover that I've been saving for the right purchase.

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