Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday News Flash

So, I saw my brother yesterday and I dropped off some snow flock to him for his Dark Elves. He tells me that he was thinking that instead of painting up 250 points worth of models a month for our competition that maybe we could do 250 points every 2 months instead. I don't really mind this too much. I'll most likely still aim for the 250 a month but this gives me some leg room for other projects as well.



I went to a Warmachine demo day at my local FLGS last weekend and played a game and it was A LOT OF DAMN FUN!!! When Warmachine first came out I'd bought a few units and some other odds and ends and played a few games. All of my stuff I just threw into a box with everything else and put it into the attic.

I pulled everything out and took it with me to the demo day. Pretty much everything is still new in the box. I spoke with one of the gents that was helping run some demos and we talk about what I have and that I probably have 35 points or more worth of models. That makes me extremely happy because the only real purchase that I'll have to make will be the rulebook and the faction book. I think that's pretty damn good!

I have 1 battle group that's put together but I'm going to dunk them, remove the primer and rebase them. I have a plan for all of the bases and I think that everything will turn out looking great. I'll need to make a few other purchases just to get the group where I want it to be but they'll be half way small and I'll need to work them into the budget somehow. It's a good thing that I have more Fantasy Dwarves and 40K Orks than I know what to do with right now!

Orks you say? Yes!!! With my birthday money and a trade that involved all of my Space Marine models I have aqcuired q machine heavy force of Orks that added with many of the models that I already own should put in at about 2500 points worth of Orks. I am extremel happy with this and for spending very little I've rounded out my Orks.

I'll post some pictures soon of everything that I've acquired so far and I might list a few painting goals that I'd like to give myself to help me achieve a few personal goals involving each army.

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