Monday, October 3, 2011

Dwarf Beginnings

Work continues on my 500 point dwarf force. Here is the list so far...

Thane - 92
W/ shield, MRO Swiftness

Warriors - 115
10 Warrios
Full Com

Thunderers - 140
10 Thunderers

Bolt Thrower - 85
RO Penetrating

Bolt Thrower - 75
MRO Skewering

My plan is to shoot, shoot, shoot!!!

My brother and I have planned on committing to the Tale of Four Gamers with our armies but instead of 500 points a month we'll be painting up just 250 points per month and starting with a 500 points force. This gives us a lower points value that we can easily paint up and have ready for our games. He said that he'll be playing Dark Elves and he has already stated that his army is going to be highly mobile. I'm hoping that my massed firepower can easily overcome his units because I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO CATCH HIM ON FOOT!

(The force so far) 


(Warriors - 5 I painted a while ago and I'm going to use the same color scheme) 

(Thane - Painted years ago and I will be repainting him!)

I went to my local FLGS on Sunday with my 500 point Dwarf force expecting to get a few games in and hoping that I could learn some of the rules again and get a feel for the game. DAMN!!! I didn't know that the schedule of days had changed!!! The store has now decided to have dedicated nights for Fantasy and 40K. Now Sunday is no longer the catch all for Wargaming. But this great! Now I can go on a certain night and play my game of choice against oponents that are looking for the same game! This makes it so much easier and I am very happy about this!

I stayed for a few hours and I watched a game of Flames of War being played. I've never wanted to play a Flames of War game but I may have to start looking into it because I really like the ease of painting the models. But right now THEY ARE NOT IN THE BUDGET!!! Afew of the players there also play fantast so at least they know my face now and hopefully it will be easier to find oponents now.

Now to get back to painting!

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