Thursday, October 13, 2011


So... October 10th was my 30th birthday. My wife threw a surprise party for me on Saturday and I have to be honest... Not a whole lot has gotten done paintwise over the past week. BUT I have had a lot of things in the works. I was able to get some money from my birthday gifts and I've pooled together some resources and I was able to acquire a few things "on a BUDGET".

Pics and lists will come soon along with a few pictures with my work so far on my dwarves.

I was supposed to have my first battle with my younger brother on Saturday but since the surprise party took over the night I wasn't able to get in a game. I was disappointed but it probably worked out for the better since my brother is still assembling his models.

I have till the 31st (Halloween) to get the 500 points done. It can be done but I've got my work cut out for me. That's about 2 weeks to get the 500 point 29 models army finished up.

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