Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog #7 - Labor Day Weekend

Had a great and busy weekend.

We just had Labor Day weekend which means that there was a 3 day weekend.


- I spent the majority of the day Geocaching on a power trail that has recently opened up in southern PA. Geocaching is a great hobby that gets you outdoors seeking many things hidden to others. You should try and google it if you can or want to.


- Spent the day catching up on some Youtube videos. I've been watching a great channel that I recently found and I was able to catch up on a lot of older videos. The channel is named "Da40KOrks". It's a great channel and has a lot of good insight. I'm really beginning to enjoy this channel.

- I also had a barbecue / get together later in the evening. I packed up the wife and kids and went to that and we had a blast!!!

Monday - LABOR DAY!!!

I had off on Monday because of the holiday weekend. I got caught up on a LOT of things!!! I got way caught up on "Da40KOrks" Youtube channel. I'm actually current now.

AND I was able to get in a lot of much needed assembling and painting of my 40K Ork Army...

This is a WIP base that I am going to use for my Imperial Fists 

 HQ - Warboss WIP (Just quick basecoats)

 Troops - Squad 1 WIP

 Troops - Squad 2 WIP

Elites - Nobz Squad 1 WIP

I feel like I've really been on a roll with the painting aspect. Normally I am a very SLOW painter. But I really cranked out some paiting this weekend considering that I only really painted one day! You'll also notice that the squads are missing their Big Shootas and I haven't assembled the Deffkoptas yet.

I have the Big Shootas assembled and the beginnings of paint but once I begin to bulk out some other squads then I will finish them because I want them to be part of a unit of shoota boyz. 

In my next blog update I will show some of the color schemes and color combinations that I used for the Ork skin. Hopefully by my next update I will be very close to completion of my first squad.

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