Monday, September 26, 2011

Whatcha Got? - Fantasy

Went through all of my dwarf stuff over the weekend.

(Backstory) Right before I quit playing years ago, I was beginning to collect dwarf models to start a dwarf army. I got a few models in trades that I'd conducted and then I had bought the rest. When I stopped playing I just threw everything into a box and up in the attic it went.

I finally pulled everything out over the weekend and started to go through everything.

(Here is the pile of dwarves) 

(all of the models organized... Not shown is ANOTHER cannon in a blister) 

(My original 500 point army that I was beginning)

So, There you go.

I organized everything that was put together. I never knew that I had so much dwarf stuff hidden away. After sorting through everything and adding up all of the units it looks as though I have over 2000 points without characters and upgrades!!! I am amazed that I had that much crap just shoved into a box!!! I'm really happy that I had this much and it really takes a mountain of stress off my mind knowing that I don't have to purchase very much to have a complete army.

I'll add a list of everything broken down within the next few days.

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