Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog # 8 - 40K Games Day!!!

The local FLGS was having a 40K Games Day where anyone could go and play with the store's armies and learn the rules. This was perfect for me because I have an understanding of the new rules but I'm not 100% on them.

Game # 1

1500 points - Orks (me) vs. Space Marines (Store Owner)

Mission - 3 objectives

Game went 5 rounds. My tactics were sound and I was able to make it to the objectives but I still lost. After the game we reviewed points because it seemed like the model count for the orks was kinda low for 1500 points. We came up with these numbers...

Space Marines - 1450
Orks - 950

So, yeah... There was a slight disadvantage on my side but considering that I was 400 points weaker I think that I did damn well considering that he only had 1 tactical squad and 1 devastator squad left.

(Game thoughts... Nobz are DAMN good!!! I never realized that they were that good.)

Game # 2

1000 points - Chaos Space Marines (me) vs. Space Marines (Andrew)

Mission - Cleanse

Andrew is a regular here and he was a great oponent. My tactics were sound and by the end of the game I only lost 1 Tactical Marine and 1 Chaos Dreadnought and he was left with nothing.

(Game thoughts... Obliterators are really good... Almost scary good)


Being able to play these 2 games has really jump started me into getting an army finished up and being able to play with it.


(Boyz... Almost finished)

 (The army so far)

So, there you go. My Ork army so far. My latest purchase is a unit of Gretchin! I don't know why but I love these little guys! I plan to do a full unit of Gretchin in the future. I know that they're not anywhere near the usefulness of a unit of boyz but I plan to just use them as cannon fodder (which is what they're used for anyway!).

As promised here is my recipe for what's been painted on the orks so far...

Ork Skin
Knarloc Green - Foundation
Thraka Green - Ink
Snot Green - 1st layer
Scorpion Green - Highlight

Calthan Brown - Foundation
Devlan Mud - Ink
Bestial Brown - 1st Layer
Snakebite Leather - Highlight

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