Monday, November 28, 2011

Dwarf Color Painting Recipes

Okay here goes...

I'm NOT a big fan of mixing colors and making shades. I prefer to use the colors right out of the pot the way that they are and right now I'm using all GW paints with a black primer.

So, here is a breakdown of the painting steps that I've been taking to get my finished results...

- Base - Mordian Blue
- Ink - Asurmen Blue
- Highlight - Enchanted Blue

- Base - Orkhide Shade
- Highlight - Snot Green
- Ink - Thraka Green
- Edge Highlight - Scorpion Green

- Base - Calthan Brown
- Ink - Devlan Mud
- Highlight - Bestial Brown
- Edge Highlight - Desert Yellow

Horns on Helmets
- Base - Calthan Brown
- Highlight - Bleached Bone
- Highlight - Skull White

Shields / Orange
- Base - Macharius Orange
- Highlight - Blazing Orange
- Highlight - Blazing Orange - Second Coat
- Edge Highlight - Sunburst Yellow

- Base - Iyanden Darksun
- Ink - Ogryn Flesh
- Highlight - Dwarf Bronze
- Highlight - Burnished Gold

- Base - Tallarn Flesh
- Base - Dwarf Flesh
- Ink - Ogryn Flesh
- Highlight - Dwarf Flesh
- Highlight - Elf Flesh

Base - Calthan Brown
Highlight - Desert Yellow
Highlight - Bleached Bone
Rim of base - Khemri Brown

I feel a lot better now that I have a digital copy of the steps that I take to get these colors painted up on my Dwarves. I feel like I've really simplified the steps but I'm sure that there's other ways of getting these colors painted but I'm pretty comfortable with these methods.

Work continues and I hope to have the second Bolt Thrower done in a few days.

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