Sunday, November 27, 2011

1st Bolt Thrower = Complete!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that I said in my last post that I was going to post my painting steps for my dwarves...


I decided to paint instead!

Here is my 1st completed Bolt Thrower along with dedicated crew.

(Bolt Thrower) 

(Bolt Thrower) 

(Bolt Thrower w/ crew) 


I also completed making my display cabinet yesterday. It's kind of a neat story how this cabinet came to be. I'd gotten this cabinet years ago that someone had dumped on the side of the road when I was a teenager and still living at home. Fast forward about 14 years and I've kept this cabinet this whole time. My neighbors in an adjoining townhouse were evicted 3 months ago and had some cabinets that they left that had glass doors on them. The cabinets were made more for stereo equipment than anything but I had the notion to use one of the glass doors for the front of my cabinet and create a display case for the army that I'm currently working on. I also was very lucky in that my neighbors cabinet also had wired electrical lighting so I removed the door, door hardware and light fixture. 

Yesterday the wife and the kids were away all day so I set this as my project for the day! I went to the home repair shop and got some plexiglass, "L" brackets and screws and when I came home I went to work on my new cabinet. I really wish that I'd taken before photos! At the end of the day I really think that I only spent about 25 dollars on this display cabinet! You can even tell it's a frankenstein cabinet because in the picture you can see that the door is too big for the cabinet. HAHA! But in all reality it turned out very nice looking in my opinion.

1 more Bolt Thrower and I'll finally be finished my 1st 500 points of Dwarves. It seems like they're taking a long time to paint but in all reality I'm actually moving along pretty nicely if I put into scope that I have painted this much in years.

On a side note I went to my FLGS today but they were holding a Warhammer 40K tournament so I couldn't get any games in. I did however pick up my Ork Big Mek that's been waiting for me for over a month. This is my first Citadel Fincast miniature and I can already see a flaw but it's an easy enough fix. So, there is my monthly alottment for my hobby but with Christmas coming around I already know that I'm getting a gift certificate to my FLGS. How do I know you might be thinking...

The owner told me that my wife had stopped in and gotten me one but he wouldn't tell me the amount!

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