Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Holiday - Bottling Session

So, I've got a long weekend because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. I'd said a few days ago that I needed to bottle my beer that I brewed a month ago.  My wife was out shopping on Black Friday and I didn't have much to do so I decided to bottle the beer today. My son wanted to help because he likes to help me bottle so this became a father and son bottling session.

 (The Beer!)

(Three cases of empty bottles) 

(Everything being sterilized) 

(Priming sugar being brought to a boil) 

(Beer being siphoned into the spigot bucket) 

(Spigot bucket)

I put the phone away after this step because the rest of the process is a very wet and messy process. All the beer was bottled and capped and shelved away in the basement so that it'll carbonate and be ready to drink next month. I'm giving these away as Chrismas gifts and I hope that everyone enjoys them! 

And here are some WIP photos of one of my Bolt Throwers...

I thought that I would really enjoy painting up the Bolt Throwers but I'm finding them very tedious and boring. I'm really looking forward to painting up the unit of Slayers though. They've been sitting on my desk and they've been calling out to me lately. Plus I feel like I should be able to paint them up quickly since they're mostly skin. I feel like I've really slacked this month with paining and if I was still holding myself to the 250 point painting challenge then I would've failed utterly. But work continues and I'm trying to get through things!

I'll most likely post something tomorrow or later today about the process of how I've been painting my dwarves. I have everything written down on a scrap piece of paper and I am so afraid that I'm going to lose it. If I have it all up on the blog then at least I will have an electronic copy.

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