Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 Units Finally Done!

So, last night I finally finished up my unit of Dwarf Thunderers amd my unit of of Dwarf Warriors. These are the first 2 units that I've had fully painted in 6 or 7 years!!! I just to dull coat them so that they'll be protected.

 (10 Thunderers)

(10 Warriors)

Next up that I need to finish painting to catch up with last month's quota is my two warmachines and their crews. Should be simple enough (hopefully). 

(1 new style bolt thrower w/ 4 crew and 1 old style bolt thrower w/ 3 crew)

I have my next 250 points listed that I need to finish painting to meet the second portion of the quota.

- 10 more warriors with shields for the warrior squad to bulk it out to 20 models - 90 points
- 10 Slayers with musician and standard bearer - 128 points
(I really don't like Slayers but they'll be easy and quick to paint and will add more bodies to my force and will hopefully add a bit of intidation factor to my opponent)
I'm going to take the last few points and give my Thunderers a full command - 25 points

That gives me 243 points and will put the whole army at exactly 750 points.

Here are some WIP photos for a unit filler for the Warriors unit that I've been working on.

(Warriors Unit Filler)

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