Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Slayers have been Slayed!!!

HOORAY!!! My first unit of 2012 has been completed!!! The Dwarf Slayer unit for my next 250 points was finished just a few minutes ago and I am too happy to have finally finished this unit!!!!!

Next up on my list of Dwarves is my Dwarf Warriors with hand weapons and shield to go into my already existing unit of Warriors. I've used the airbrush to spray on brown for the base and silver for the cahinmail. I'm hoping by airbrushing on some of these colors that I can speed up the process a bit. Once I complete these then I can continue onto my next 250 points!!!

I also need to get cracking on my Warmachine Rhul army.

I've basecoated the 3 Gun bunnies. I have tried my hand at magnetizing the guns. Not too shabby!

(Gorten Grundback) 

I've also magnetized the Driller arms.


  1. Your Slayers look awesome, I always did like the angry ornage hair.