Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Work Continues...

Work continues on the dwarves. The airbrush is a savior! Being able to spray on the base layer on the base of the minis make the time fly. I used to brush on the base color of the base and it took forever to get a base done that way. I was able to spray the base color on in barely no time for the next 250 points of dwarves.

I really need to get them done. I'm so far behind. I'm almost done with the slayers though. I thought that they would go quick but the models have so many little hidden details. I suppose that's my fault since they are a mish-mashed unit of many different slayer models.

On a side note I bid on a webcam on another website and I won! I should have it by late next week. I'm really hoping that I can use it to take better photos of my minis and maybe some videos that I can upload onto YouTube.

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