Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

It's been a few weeks since I last posted an update. I would like to say that I acomplished lots of painting during my long holiday vacation...

I didn't accomplish anything. I had grand ideas of sitting in my N.C.C. (Nerd Command Center) for hours on end and spending days painting and finishing things up before the end of the year. YEAH... That didn't happen at all. My wife took it upon herself to plan many of my nights doing family activities with relatives and going away for an extended weekend out of town to celebrate New Years.

I would like to say that I am disappointed at the lack of progress made hobbywise during my time off (and there is some of me that really is disappointed... like 30% of me) but I'm pretty happy with the progress that I made of spending time with my wife and children during the break. As I think about it now my family is sort of a hobby of mine as well. I spend a LOT of time with my family and they bring me a lot of enjoyment.

I could sit here and talk about my new years resolutions but to be completely honest... I didn't make any this year. There's a few things that I would like to get done and I'm sure that I will get them done but if I don't then I'll make due.

So... Here's to the next year and 52 more weeks of hobbytime.

I'll set some time aside within the next few days to talk more about my holiday fun time and a few of the hobbywise presents that I received for Christmas.

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  1. N.C.C. ...... LOL ...Classic
    I think my wife would send me to a padded cell if I started calling my office that..lol.