Friday, December 9, 2011



What to say about blogs...

It's so aggravating to look at some of the blogs that other people follow, read some of the content, fall in love with the content... And then realize that they haven't updated their hobby blog in over a year. So much great stuff out there and it's all been left by the wayside. I really do truly hope that this blog never goes that route. I'm pretty confident that there will be times where I won't be able to update for a a few weeks when "real" life gets in the way but I'm an adult with a full time family and a full timejob so that'll happen.

Small update that "real" life has gotten in the way of the hobby this week with work being busy and I haven't been able to touch a brush all week but I am positive that I will be able to get a few coats of paint on this afternoon. I also haven't been to the FLGS since I picked up my last purchase so I haven't gotten any play time in either. My vacation is coming up in a few weeks so I hope to get a lot of painting and gaming done then (hopefully).


  1. It does happen, to be sure. The Internet will be here when you have time for it. I think the trick is not to make the blog feel like an obligation.

  2. Yep, I agree with Brian, its always going to be there and family/kids etc always come first. On the positive side, if you’re an addict to gaming like me it's pretty easy to come up with one post a week. Also when one blog dies, you move one and find new and better ones, :-) blogging is about having fun and enjoying it., that’s why I do it.