Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Toys!!!!

So a quick update with something that I received for Christmas to help me on my merry way!

During the holidays one of my stops on the Holiday Party Express was my Father-In-Laws house. He used to models years ago but mainly modeled historical models. He hasn't touched models for a while (I won't go into why) and he knew that I'd been interested in getting an airbrush. He told me that I could have this compressor and hooked me up with a single action airbrush to see if I liked airbrushing models before I went out and spent money. Can we say "AWESOME!!!!!!"

 (Old aircompressor that still runs like a champ!)

(I love new toys!)

I told him that I couldn't accept the compressor because it was so awesome but I told him that when he was ready to paint again then I would have it for him when he was ready.

I had known that Harbor Freight had a dual action and the reviews weren't too bad on it. I was working nearby the store yesterday and I already knew that I was going to pick it up for myself with a giftcard that I'd received and I looked online to see what the instore price was... and... BAM!!!


Normally the brush would be 24.99 but this week it was on sale for 17.99!!!

I heard it calling my name like I was a ancient greek adventurer and it was the sirens singing their beautiful song!

 (Bad Picture)


I picked up a few other airbrush goodies for pretty cheap. Some dust masks, airbrush cleaners and an extra 10 foot hose rounded out the total rather nicely!

(Harbor Freight airbrush goodies) 

Now I can begin my airbrushing adventure! I hope that this will help with my Ork army since it's fallen off my radar because I'm so geared to getting my dwarves going again.

F.I.L. (Father In Law) reads my blog from time to time so here goes...


My wife is pretty awesome herself and she got me a sixty dollar gift card to my FLGS so I got a few things with it to help with my horde of ORKS.

 (More Boyz that will be turned into some Shoota Boyz)

(A counter set to help me remember stuff!) 

(Another Trukk because sometimes 1 just isn't enough)

Now I do realize that sixty dollars worth of GW models don't really add up to be a lot but I'm not complaining because when I'm on a budget... Every bit helps!


And my awesome brother got me this to add to my Dwarf army! This bad boy isn't resin but good ol' metal!!! I can't wait to put this together. 


Quick update...  I guess this really wasn't a quick update. lol. See ya all on the battle fields!

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  1. Awesome, air brushes can be very handy, they are awesome for undercoats and first and second coats to build up light sources for the models. just take your time. (Speaking from experience there)
    My last few Heavy gear models were done with about 90% air brushing. :-)