Monday, February 6, 2012

Mini Vacation

I didn't get much painting done over the weekend because well... I wasn't home!!! I was able to get the family out of the house and we took an ultra-cheap weekend vacation to Atlantic City.

Just a few shots from our balcony on the 19th floor...

I did however get one model completed the other day though! I picked this anime style model a LONG time ago. It was nice to get away from the dwarves and paint something a little different.

I signed up for a painting challenge on the Bartertown forums. It's just a little friendly competition to try to help some members get their armies painted up throughout the year. At the end of the year the member with the most points wins... NOTHING except for bragging rights.

I haven't been to my local FLGS in ages. I really need to get down there and hang out for a bit.

Also on a side note... My new webcam SUCKS. I think that I may take my monthly hobby allowance and get something a little better. Maybe being cheap wasn't the way to go.

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