Monday, February 27, 2012

We "AAAAARRRRRGH" A Go For Freebooter Pirate 40K Orks

I've been hitting a a real wall with painting my dwarves lately. The rank and file troops just get so boring to paint over and over again.

I've decided that to spice things up I'd start painting my Orks again.

I'd seen a picture of some Freebooter "Pirate" Orks the other day and I really liked the look and feel of them. I've worked up a 500 point list and I'm hoping that by mixing up armies that I can keep myself interested in painting armies and not just single models.

Unit of Gretchin 

Unit  of Orks


Yay for magnetizing! 

My first attempt and greenstuff modeling a pirate hat 

Side View (AARRGH)

I know that that the whole pirate ork thing has been done before and I'll be using some peoples ideas for certain things but the whole point of this project is to just have fun and to keep myself motivated. I'm going to try ordering a few conversion bitz from

When I get my package in I'll try and do a review post so that anyone that's interested can get my opinion of their product.


  1. Painting rank and file can be a killer .. try 15mm. I found painting in units, spending 30mins to an hour each session. Paint all the same things across the unit. e.g. faces and hands one night, then legs and boots another etc, etc. Then each night, after that move off onto something fun to paint. Then it doesn't matter if you don't go back to the unit for a few weeks, they whole unit will still keep the same look and fell across it and before long it gets done. Took me a year to paint my viking army that way, and I managed to stay sane.

  2. Thanks Rob. I'll most likely try that. I love painting the specialty stuff and the war machines but the rank and file troops bore me to death!

    I'll eventually get the army completed and it would probably help me out a lot if I played more. I really need to get out there more and get in some games!!!