Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Plan Has Been Set In Motion

So... I have set a plan in motion to help me get these freebooter orks started and hopefully set me on the road to get a fully painted 40K army...

Here is my 500 point army list so far

Freebooter Orks
- HQ - Warboss - 110 points
power klaw
attack squig
eavy armour
- Troops - Boyz - 155 points
nob w/ power klaw, bosspole
19 boyz
- Troops - Gretchin - 80 points
2 runtherder
20 gretchin
- Fast - Deffkoptas - 135 points
3 w/ twin linked rokkits
Total - 480 points
I have plenty of bodies in this list along with a Fast attack choice. This should be a decent list for 500 points but doesn't have much long range shooting besides the deffkoptas but at this low of a points value this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
I have worked out my next 250 points to move me up to 750 points
- Fast - Deffkoptas - 90 points (my thoughts are to fill out the existing deffkopta squad)
2 w/ twin linked rokkits
- Heavy - Killa Kans - 150 points
3 w/ rokkit launchas
- Troops - Gretchin - 40 (my thoughts are to fill out the existing gretchin unit to 33 bodies)
1 runtherder
10 gretchin
Total - 760 points
I've used this 250 points to fill out 2 of the already existing squads and add a heavy support choice.
I'm going to try and paint up 250 points every other month like I was my dwarves. This month will be hard to hit that goal because work has really been keeping me busy but with the completion of my first 10 gretchin it's really pushed me to at least complete the first 500 points. I have also worked out an easy way to get my major colors painted up with minimal work. I'll keep this blog updated with my progress and see how far my freebooters travel!!!

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